Building Better Relationships with African-American Co-Workers and Guests

Experts from the Multicultural Food and Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) have partnered with the LCW team to deliver some valuable information and insights into the African-American community – the kind of information that will allow you to build better relationships with not only your African-American co-workers, but also with the African-American guests and customers that you welcome with your hospitality.  



  • Exploring the Diversity within the African-American community and where differences come from.
  • Understanding some things that many African-Americans consider important and that help shape the African-American cultural identity.
  • Exploring some of the dynamics you may encounter as you work with individuals who identify as African-American.
  • Identifing ways to connect with African-American customers and potentially serve them better.
  • Practicing with real-world hospitality-industry scenarios.


  • Section 1: The Diversity within the African-American community
  • Section 2: African-American Cultural Identity
  • Section 3: Relationships with your African-American Co-workers
  • Section 4: Serving your African-American Customers
  • Section 5: Case Studies


Duration: Approximately 40-60 minutes – seat times may vary depending on participant pace

Target Audience: Supervisors/Managers in foodservice and hotels who are (a) managing African-American employees, and/or (b) engaging with African-American customers. Customizations available for any industry or company.

Course ID: e110