Building your Intercultural Competence

Session Overview:

This solution is designed as blended learning for organizations and teams looking to build cultural agility. Over a series of experiences (totaling 3 to 6 hours), participants will learn skills for navigating cultural differences--locally and globally that are connected to their day-to-day work scenarios. Participants will also receive an assessment of their own stage of intercultural competence using a psychometric and statistically valid tool known as the Intercultural Development Inventory® (or IDI®), along with an individual development plan aligned with their unique IDI stage and strategies for focusing on personal priorities in their cross-cultural work.

Prework: To ensure that we are able to get the most out of the facilitated portion of the program, we recommend a blended solution that includes self-study using our "Culture and Identity" eLearning as well as administration of IDI® assessments to all participants (as prework). 

Session Topics:

  • Debrief IDI® Group Profile and the implication of the group's collective biases
  • Reflect on own cultural blind spots, and their impact on building greater cultural agility 
  • Follow guided Intercultural Development & by IDI® Stage
  • Differentiate between Archetypes and Stereotypes
  • See how Culture Drives Behavior
  • Do a Deep Dive into Target Cultures
  • Explore the Complexity of Culture
  • Do Personal Action Planning
  • Preview Resources for Self-Study

Case Study: See how LCW customized this solution to support Global Acumen @ General Mills in the U.S. and globally.