Building REAL Virtual Relationships

Session Overview:

Virtual trust is not easy to give or get, but given the link we see between trust, productivity and engagement--virtual trust is increasingly necessary in today’s world of global and dispersed relationships. In this workshop, learn some ways to raise levels of engagement, build better relationships, and better retain your virtual employees--or anyone you cannot (or else rarely have the opportunity to) "see" face-to-face. 


  1. Work through a case study onscreen (in virtual “chat groups”) regarding a team celebration from which the virtual team members are inadvertently excluded.
  2. Learn from the experience and insight provided by your fellow mini-workshop participants about the challenges of earning, giving, and losing trust with invisible colleagues.  Explore behaviors that hinder virtual relationships and promote isolation, fragmentation, and confusion.   
  3. Review best practice strategies in virtual relationship building for engaging, building cohesion, and increasing clarity.  Click-through to active URL hyperlinks in real time, to tools and free resources proven helpful in building virtual relationships.
  4. Review LCW’s Relationship Building PowerPoint Template, a tool for building virtual relationships across cultures; download and deploy the template with your own team after the program.

Session Topics:

  • Perspectives on Virtual Relationships & Virtual Distance
  • Relationship Building & Balancing Tasks
  • Tools & Downloads for Building Virtual Relationships
  • Trust/Comfort Models "Are you Hindering the Career Path of your Virtual Employees?"
  • Listen to and compare Virtual Report and Manager Perspectives
  • Identify Obstacles in Career and Development Planning in Virtual Reports
  • Explore The Role of Key Assignments
  • Plan for developing and retaining your high potential virtual employees   

This mini-workshop will also feature content and tools from one of LCW’s core solutions—“Virtual Performance Management". 

Who Should Attend: Virtual team leaders or people managers with direct reports who are not co-located in the same office / location, as well as Chief Diversity Officers, Talent Development Leaders, L&D professionals, people managers, HR representatives