Catálogo de Cursos Principales

Los siguientes cursos interculturales son ideales para clientes que buscan talleres y capacitaciones que ya han sido probados y han tenido éxito en varias organizaciones globales.

Navegando Culturas™

LCW’s Navigating Cultures™ workshop explores the concept of cultural diversity, allowing participants to expand their awareness, knowledge, and skills. The tools, frameworks, and concepts presented lead to higher levels of competency, greater team synergies, improved performance in a global environment, and serve as a rich base for ongoing cross-cultural and intercultural development. Ver más

Trabajando con...

LCW’s Working with India, Working with China, and Working with the USA programs provide insight into the target country and its culture, including behaviors and practices prevalent in the business world. These programs are ideal for organizations and teams that collaborate with in-person or virtually, with colleagues from the respective country. In most cases, the greatest benefit comes from providing the appropriate course to teams in all locations. Ver más

Viajando a...

LCW’s Traveling to India, Traveling to China, and Traveling to the USA programs provide practical information for global executives, traveling SMEs, and other business professionals who will be traveling internationally for an extended period of time to an international location. Workshops prepare travelers for the day-to-day experience both inside the office and out. This series is primarily intended for shorter stays of 2 days to 6 months and is not intended for expatriates who will be moving long term, with or without family, to a new home. Ver más

Gestión Virtual del Desempeño™

LCW’s Virtual Performance Management™ improves the skill-set of managers who lead virtual teams, remote employees, and non-collocated departments. Focusing on the differences between face-to-face and virtual management, participants build management skills that match today’s evolving business environments. Ver más