Client Testimonials

Why LCW?

From my very first meeting with the LCW team, I knew my project would get the attention it deserved. Not only were they passionate about what they do, but they were clearly knowledgeable and experienced. I felt comfortable putting our needs in their hands."

I received a lot of positive feedback on the training in the past days, including both managers and employees. The best training I have ever seen in my 20 years at this company.”

Over the years, I have come to trust LCW to do whatever it takes to get things done and get it done correctly. We consider them an invaluable resource, working as part of our team."

When we made the choice to go with LCW, we got so much more than what we originally asked for. There were a lot of companies who would have done [what] we needed, and then walked away. But with LCW, it's clear that they share our enthusiasm. They go the extra mile to make sure things really work.”

Even when problems come up or when our scope changes, I can depend on them to come up with a solution and be very attentive. LCW is as flexible as I need them to be, and they are willing to go outside of the usual parameters to be helpful -- working for us as part of our team -- and I know things will be delivered on time."

Extremely professional, high-quality services with the audience and client at the center; you never feel like a cookie cutter approach is applied with LCW.

Don't waste your time searching for other organizations that do this -- take a break from the large consulting firms who contract out this work anyway -- why would you pay more when you can go directly to high quality services -- and have them delivered in an extremely professional, high-quality fashion. LCW’s services are client-centered and focus on the audience. You never feel like a “cookie-cutter” approach is applied with LCW." --Director, Organization Resources & Development of a global professional association

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I really value the personal touch I get. I like the fact that when I call, I don't have to say this is [Ms. XYZ] from [Company ABC], because they know me."

LCW understands how important it is that the nuances of our communications are coming through to our international customers. They work as hard as we do to ensure word choice and tone reflect the cultural values and business practices we intend to communicate, while offering guidance about how to best achieve this aim.

Thank you. I appreciate all the work you and your colleagues have done and how responsive you have been with all of our many, many questions.

Danke! Danke! Phew. I thank you so much for making this process so easy!! Thanks again for being so nice and patient, for foreseeing issues that we didn't see, and all the other great advice along the way!

I don’t know how you always work your magic… thank you! 

Well received and ahead of schedule!! Your awesome customer service is always appreciated! 

Training: Navigating Cultures

Thanks again for presenting the Navigating Cultures workshop to the Marketing and Technical Publications departments. We thought the workshop to be relevant, thought-provoking, informative and well-presented. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and experience with us; folks like you truly make a difference in the world."

Everyone talked about how valuable the session was. When we debriefed our 3-day retreat, (the Navigating Cultures session on Day 1) was deemed one of the most valuable things we discussed. Hooray!"

Training: Working with India

ALL associates that will be working closely with associates in India must attend this workshop if our global sourcing efforts are to be successful. Personally, this will FUNDAMENTALLY change how I interact and work with associates in (India.)"

I was absolutely thrilled with this class and can't wait to roll it out. I think it will really open some eyes and help move from the "storming" phase of team building to "norming". I really feel like this class can positively impact our relationship with our co-workers in Gurgaon (India). Better relationships will allow for more idea sharing and open discussions that will positively impact our business results."

Training: Virtual Performance Management

As far as internal training goes, this was probably one of the more valuable ones I've taken. There was no time to get bored or not pay attention. The class was very professionally done. I didn't realize this was conducted by an external provider. They were fantastic. For lasting 8 hours, it was very engaging and passed quickly. There was pre-work that we were held accountable to and we were constantly called on with questions throughout. We developed action plans that I'll likely incorporate into my Performance Planning. On a side note -- The online delivery system (Adobe Acrobat Connect) was impressive. It involved a lot of interaction: voting in polls, changing your status, typing in real-time to everyone, audio clips, answering questions, etc."

Training: Traveling to...

I'm really not tooting my own horn, I'm tooting yours! In a note to my supervisor, the Fortune 500 client who organized our trip to Mexico said: 'I feel that Stacy contributed so much and her training skills and ability to communicate across cultures were such an asset to the team... She is vital to the success of the BridgePoint implementation for us and I look forward to many more travels in the future.' LCW is to thank for that!! Homerun! Muchas gracias!"

The instructor did a great job to identify my needs and address them. Her explanations based on her deep understanding and experience helped me understand the new culture well. She was very well prepared, too. Thank you so much for this class."

On behalf of [my wife] and myself, I wanted to thank you for the two day course. It was extremely beneficial to us and helped to answer a lot of questions as well as calm some fears. I notice a marked difference in [my wife's] attitude towards moving to Brazil. I think she now sees it more as an adventure and not as something to dread."

An excellent program which provided deep insights into the U.K. culture. [Our trainer] allowed the program to evolve naturally rather than adhere to a set schedule. Such adaptability created an environment which was conducive for learning."

Training: Customizable Workshops

LCW makes my life so much easier! I don't have to think of everything. I don't have to stop and think about the value that LCW brings -- that’s what I learned from our first experience. Your proposal was distinctive, well thought out, and comprehensive; your research into us as the client was without comparison. LCW put the work in, to understand the perspective of what we were trying to do.

Consulting: Global Rollout and Training

If there needs to be a change, LCW is on top of it immediately. For example, when I found out from our South American auditor that a piece of information being delivered to our locations there wasn't accurate -- I called LCW and their trainer incorporated the change into trainings for Paraguay the very next day. Whatever we throw at them, LCW comes through for us every time."

When I told LCW we needed a trainer in the Ivory Coast of Africa, not only did they find us one quickly, but even more amazing, their trainer had the expertise we were looking for. Whatever we throw at them, LCW comes through for us every time."

Consulting: Global Ethics

I grew up an Iowa farm girl. The last thing on my mind was what our German office would think about the style of presentation I was designing, or what a day in the life of a South American factory worker was like. LCW has been a tremendous resource in helping me to understand the different cultures of [our] global workforce. It has been an eye opening experience."

As a result of working with LCW over the past year, I have become a better advocate for the company in communicating the compliance program to employees in Europe and South America. Now other departments are also looking for ways to improve their international programs."

eLearning: Providing Opportunity

Overall it made me think. I am one who typically would look for a good "fit". I hired many people who had the same interests as me and we accomplished a lot as a team but I now I look back wondering what we could have accomplished if we had people with different interests on that team. It's a well-designed module to make hiring managers think about differences and what those differences can offer the team.