Whether you are new to your international role and feeling slightly overwhelmed by the idea of being responsible for multilingual and multicultural operations, or if you are a seasoned professional who understands that success with international locations, offices, and employees requires global skills and attitudes you have been honing throughout your career, LCW can help.

When your needs go beyond our training and translation services, we work with you to define your challenge, identify possible solutions, and ultimately achieve the success you are looking for. Some examples of our consulting and research services include:

  • Building toolkits to embed cultural competence into your talent management processes and manage the impact of systemic impact of biases on your global workforce.
  • Finding, training, and project managing facilitators and trainers at locations around the globe for your training/workshop.
  • Communications planning to support deployment of major initiatives--such as global ethics and compliance programs. We have expertise in helping you build a compelling business case and messaging to resonate with your target cultures, groups, and locations.
  • Cultural Audits to examine your processes, projects, and practices with multicultural employees, clients, and partners.
  • Industry specific research on trends and state-of-the-art management practices regarding cross-cultural, language, diversity, international project, and global assignment issues.
  • Customized organizational development services, for international and multicultural organizations.
  • Coaching to help your organization gain and retain its competitive edge internationally.
  • International facilitation and meeting management

LCW’s value was revealed when their interviews and needs analysis successfully uncovered the most pressing issues and opportunities facing our diverse organization on-the-ground, in our key global markets.”

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Leading a Culturally Competent Global Ethics Program

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