Additional Translation-Related Services

Cultural Auditing

With our team of experienced in-country and native culture experts-LCW is able to assist with reviewing your home-country-created content, and letting you know what to amend or add to make sure it resonates with your target audience-or if any changes are necessary.  

Cultural auditing is a holistic look at the language, symbols, graphics, and overall layout of content to discern how it will be received by non-home country audiences. LCW works with you decide what level of modification-if any-will help your message be appropriately received. Translation is always a good start, but if you have no room for confusion or misconception in how your message will be received, then a review and possible editing by native culture experts can be an indispensable tool in localizing your content for review outside of home country locations.  Whether you are creating a comprehensive training program, short video, online advertisement, or poster series, LCW can assist you in deciding what could be ill-received, where your message might miss the mark, or general relevancy.

Some examples LCW’s Cultural Auditing:

  • A global environmental advocacy organization asked us to review a series of infographics for distribution in China. LCW continues to consult with the client on exactly how to communicate their key take-aways, which graphics are most appropriate, and the history of advertising media in China as a whole.
  • LCW contextualized an anti-corruption training for audiences of sales people in Beijing and other locations across Asia--taking into account how the training needed to be reframed to take into account their own local reference points regarding laws such as "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act".
  • A client asked us to perform a cultural audit on their interview questions regarding its leadership competencies. LCW reviewed the 25 questions and provided feedback regarding how culturally appropriate they were be for multi-cultural and/or global audiences.
  • LCW consulted with an international retail chain on auditing their training program for on-site managers.  The client felt that certain elements of its managerial training programs were not being adhered to, and suspected that cultural differences could be a part of it.  LCW audited the program, made suggested edits, and helped develop a new eLearning program to accompany their existing training materials.