Cultural Competence for Organizations

LCW grew out of our founders' history serving first as U.S. Peace Corps volunteers and then as trainers for Peace Corps, tasked with developing cultural competence in U.S. Americans to work across the former Soviet Union in a variety of technical and organizational contexts. We share this to make clear that from those early days in 1997 through to today, building cultural competence has been at the foundation of everything we do. 

LCW believes that organizations can build, grow and maintain cultural competence. This is also the subject of an LCW white paper commissioned by Diversity Best Practices for their “Global Diversity Primer”. A few targeted recommendations that build on the concepts in that paper include:

• Embed cultural competence into Talent Management practices, tools and systems for Hiring, Performance Management, Talent Review, and Career Development. (Click here for more on our Toolkit supporting this solution.)

• Reinforce the impact of organization-wide behavioral competency models by clarifying how they align with expectations around inclusive, culturally competent behaviors

• Embed cultural competence training and assessments such as the IDI® or GMI® into programs designed for High-Potentials and future/current Global Leaders around the world, such as during Leadership Institutes, ERG summits, or "Executive Presence" workshops

• Evaluate leaders and managers globally using a stand-alone ‘cultural competence’ framework as part of the company’s performance review system

• Provide role-specific modules (self-directed or facilitated online) to reinforce behavioral expectations for cultural competence, such as “Managing Bias in Hiring” for Hiring Managers and HRBPs

• Provide targeted Toolkits for everyone, from leaders who want to reinforce a key concept during a team meeting, to production employees interested in joining ERGs and developing their inclusion skillsets as part of a personal career management strategy.

(Click here for more on our latest toolkit designed for Stay Interviews.) 

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