Culture & Identity

This course introduces the concepts of culture by acknowledging and moving beyond national culture to explore how the various subcultures surrounding us shape and impact our cultural identity. As the initial module in the “Creating an Inclusive Environment” eLearning series, this course emphasizes foundational concepts needed for cultural competence what culture is, the ways it manifests, and how competence is developed.

It is highly recommended that organizations leverage this module as pre-work for LCW’s instructor-led flagship course for building intercultural competence, Navigating CulturesTM. The program is available in an alternative version referencing the Intercultural Development Continuum for organizations using the Intercultural Development Inventory.



  • Defining culture and identifying the forces that shape it
  • Comparing and contrasting culture to personality and one culture to another
  • Identifying cultural groups and understanding the forces that shape people’s cultural expectations
  • Defining and developing intercultural competence 


  • Fast-paced self-study in an interactive, on-line learning environment
  • Available 24-7

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes -- seat times may vary depending on participant pace
Target Audience: Any group or individual that would benefit from foundational exposure to principles and concepts related to culture and intercultural competency in the workplace.

Course ID: e202