Diversity and Global Assignments: Do Race, Gender, Religion or Sexual Orientation Really Matter as an Expat?

Session Overview

Global assignments are often important for career advancement in many industries. However, the ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation of employees can have a large impact on where and when they live abroad.  Participants will learn ways to address these D&I challenges before, during and after the assignment. 

Session Topics:

  • Explore the unique challenges that ethnicity, LGBT identity, gender and religion pose to global assignment candidates and their families
  • Reflect on case studies that demonstrate how diversity, identity and national culture intersect to impact your global assignees
  • Review best practices for HR & Global Mobility specialists in addressing such D&I challenges before, during and after the assignment
  • Consider strategies for creating a culturally-competent ecosystem for international assignments
  • Leave with tips, tools and ideas for successfully improving intercultural competence vis-à-vis the global mobility programs in your organization