Dustin Puehler, Multimedia Developer

Dustin PuehlerDustin was born and raised in rural Michigan and joined LCW in 2017 as a Multimedia Developer. His role utilizes his history of design and creation to construct E-Learning, Video, and Graphic elements to continue LCW’s mission of “Leading in a Culturally Diverse World.” His primary responsibilities are building off in-house materials and courses to create engaging content for clients to guide and enhance their teams towards successful results.

Before joining the LCW team, Dustin was working with Fortune500 clients as well as small businesses to explore their commercial opportunities with his 10 years of multimedia production experience. While his freelance business started off strictly doing videography, he found himself including more options for clients such as graphic design, branding, marketing, and managing video production crew.

Dustin obtained a BA in Film/Video Production from Columbia College Chicago, where he then settled into Chicago. He runs a film production company and is happy he gets to incorporate his love of the visual arts in his daily work life.