LCW's On-Demand eLearning Courseware

LCW has taken its highly successful experiential learning model and applied it to our new, interactive e-learning format, transferring 20 years of insights and best practices into our e-learning programs. Developmental learning is fostered using relevant videos and case studies that illustrate common workplace scenarios and check lists and assessments that help learners set goals for self-improvement.

LCW’s new e-learning programs offer an interactive, self-paced learning environment that can be available 24-7. Programs are customizable to your organization’s specific needs and can be hosted on your LMS or intranet. 

Got 8 minutes? Check out LCW's free "Cultural Iceberg" eLearning module for a demonstration of our capabilities. For a demo of any module listed below, or for further information about how our library can be customized, please contact us.

Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias

Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias is an on-demand, interactive, practical course for understanding unconscious bias in the workplace. It introduces straightforward activities that challenges learners to examine their own thought patterns as they interact with others, explores the occasional disconnect between intention and impact that reflects unconscious bias, looks at ways unconscious bias can undermine our goals for creating an inclusive environment, and helps learners start to build bias-busting skills. Learn more

Culture & Identity

Culture & Identity provides an introduction to the concepts of culture, acknowledging and moving beyond national culture, to explore how the various subcultures surrounding us shape and impact our cultural identity. The program emphasizes foundational concepts necessary for intercultural competence: what culture is, the ways it manifests, and how skills for working with cultural competence are developed. Learn more

Building a Culture of Inclusion

Building a Culture of Inclusion (for Managers) is an eLearning that explores the skills and organizational impact of engaging inclusive behaviors. Relevant to leaders, people managers, and workplace coaches, advisors and mentors across industries, the module introduces practical tools that can directly and immediately drive inclusion and engagement in the workplace and within the talent management life cycle. Learn more

All About Bias

All About Bias provides an introduction to understanding and responding to unconscious bias in any workplace setting or interaction. The program explores the hidden and pervasive nature of unconscious bias – how it works in the human brain, how it can impact workplace interactions and decisions, and how we can respond when we encounter it in ourselves. Learn more

Managing Bias: Case Studies

Intro to Managing Bias – Case Studies for Managers and Leaders provides in-depth exploration of unconscious bias as it relates to talent acquisition, interviewing, performance management, and advancements. The program is particularly relevant to people managers and workplace coaches, advisors and mentors. Learn more

From Microinequities to Inclusion

From Microinequities to Inclusion provides an introduction to the concept of microinequities: small, often subtle expressions of bias and exclusion. Participants explore microinequities across national cultures as well as cultures related to gender, ethnicity, language, generations, and sexual orientation, learning how to identify and respond to specific scenarios. Learn more

Managing with Intercultural Competence

This module is part of our commitment to give you tools and skills to create an inclusive environment. First, we do some activities to introduce the concept of intercultural competence, and the impact it can have in the workplace. Then we touch on unconscious bias, discuss the science behind how biases are formed, and explain how bias is linked to intercultural competence. We also share why these concepts matter to us and how you can personally get involved. Learn more

Building Better Relationships with African-American Co-Workers and Guests

Building Better Relationships with African- American Co-Workers and Guests equips managers and supervisors with insights into the African-American community and unique aspects of their cultural identity. These insights, in turn, enable them to better manage employees and better serve customers who are African-American. Learn more

Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion

Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion presents and explains the business case for why diversity and inclusion matter to the employees and broader marketplace of any organization, and sets the foundation for further learning and development in this area. Relevant to employees of all levels, participation can positively impact all D&I initiatives, regardless of industry. Learn more

Exploring the ___ Community (culture-specific eLearning series)

Each 20-minute module introduces key insights into a specific cultural community—such as LGBTQ, millennials compared to Gen X compared to Boomers, African Americans, People with Disabilities, U.S. Hispanics, Veterans, Women in STEM, Working Parents, etc. After exploring the unique aspects of the target group's cultural identity, learners can better manage workplace relationships with and serve customers from the target culture. Learn more