Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion

“Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion” presents and explains the business case for why diversity and inclusion matter to the employees and broader marketplace of any organization, and sets the foundation for further learning and development in this area. Relevant to employees of all levels, participation can positively impact all D&I initiatives, regardless of industry.



After completing the course, it is expected that learners will be able to:

  • Explain your organization's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion—what it means, why it’s important to the business, and how the learner plays a role. (business case)
  • Explain the key concepts related to the organization's commitment including diversity, inclusion, and culture as defined at your organization.
  • Tell the multifaceted story of Diversity & Inclusion at your organization, including—for example and as/if applicable—your corporate social responsibility, multicultural marketing, supplier diversity, recruiting, and recognition.
  • Identify inclusive behaviors and recognize non-inclusive behaviors.
  • Easily locate available resources within your organization for answers about Diversity & Inclusion, workplace assistance, and employee resource groups—as/if applicable.


Duration: Approximately 30 minutes – seat times may vary depending on participant pace

Target Audience: Anyone who needs a basic introduction to the rationale for D&I and/or anyone who will be participating in other diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, or cultural competence training (classes, eLearnings, video learning, etc.)

 Course ID: e105