Global Associates

LCW is proud to introduce you to just a few of the many professionals -- translators, trainers, consultants, and linguists -- that help us to serve our clients' needs around the world.

Geetha Rajagopal

Director of India Operations

Howie Schaffer

Associate - Diversity & Inclusion Services (USA)

Brian Schroeder

Associate - Asia Pacific Solutions (Hong Kong, India)

Susan McCuistion

Associate - Diversity & Inclusion Services (USA)

Lili Lam

Associate & Certified Trainer (Brazil)

Helena Kindi

Associate & Certified Trainer (Brazil)

José Antonio Azevedo

Linguist, Brazil

Ondrej Sendler

Linguist, Czech

Yoshiko Bedillion

Linguist, Japan

Marie-Stéphanie Proulx

Linguist, French Canadian

Slawomira Kaczmarek

Linguist, Poland

Steven Bammel

Linguist, Korean

Evgenia Mussuri

Linguist, Ukraine

Leo van Zanten

Linguist, Netherlands

Our Global Network

LCW's Global Network of Trainers and Consultants