Global Business Ethics

LCW is keenly aware of the tight link between culture and global business ethics. Communicating an ethics message across cultures can be an exceedingly difficult task, especially given the differing value systems that are present around the world. Nonetheless, organizations are faced every day with taking their ethics and compliance programs to their employees and partners around the world and LCW has the know-how and experience to help make this process successful for you and your organization.

We support you at any stage and leverage our global network of consultants, trainers, facilitators, and/or translators to provide you with the resources you require. If your code of conduct, web-based training, or facilitator-led trainings are already designed and you are now looking for critical feedback on their appropriateness and usability worldwide, LCW can help. Or, if you are tackling a specific challenge, like making your program less U.S.-centric, we can help with that as well. We provide:

  • Code of Conduct translation and cultural localization
  • The Cultural Detective® Global Business Ethics package. Researched and developed by our network of experts, for global compliance and ethics leadership teams, to ensure cross-cultural competence and global skills in the design and implementation of a non-HQ-centric ethics program.
  • Our unique workshop "Leading a Culturally Competent Global Ethics Program", which leverages the Cultural Detective® Global Business Ethics package.
  • Design, development, and consulting for your Compliance Trainings
  • Local, native-speaker facilitators and trainers to deliver your content.