Global Mentoring / Cross-Cultural Learning Partner Program

Solution Overview:

Participants of different backgrounds will be paired with each other for 6-12 months of building skills and exploring scenarios where cultural differences and global diversity are impacting their roles. This extended and innovative learning experience uses learning partnerships or 'global mentors' to build cross-cultural competence. Pairs are supported with assignments that help build key skills for addressing the cultural aspects of real-time business issues, with opportunities to explore themes from one's own as well as one's partner's perspectives.


Options are available to support different target groups and objectives, including: Cross-Border Teams (e.g. USA and India); Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Development (e.g. pairing of employee resource group (ERG) leaders, such as African American ERG lead with LGBT ERG lead); Global Talent Management Initiatives (e.g. Executive Diversity Council, High Potential Leaders, or Regional HR Directors); Global Leadership Teams (e.g. Global Regulators with multi-continent responsibility)

How It Works:Cross-Border Program

The structure of the cross-cultural partnering allows participants to be more effective in how they manage and deliver on work across the organization by:

—increasing the trust and comfort levels across cultures
—co-creating improved communication, collaboration, and engagement strategies that are truly inclusive
—reflecting on and learning from our cultural blind spots, and their impact on our cultural agility
—growing our appreciation for the others’ realities, limitations and differences.