Global Non-Profit - Ethics & Culture


The Ethics Resource Center (ERC) community consists of businesses, civic leaders, educational institutions and non-government organizations working together to strengthen the values and beliefs of individuals and societies. The ERC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization. The ERC fulfills its vision and mission through its groundbreaking ethics work in four core leadership areas: Institution & Coalition Development, Research & Knowledge Building, Education & Advocacy and Consulting & Technical Assistance.


In the past few years ERC has expanded its reach by fostering other international ethics centers in Colombia, Russia and South Africa. LCW was contracted to develop two half-day intercultural workshops, supporting better working relationships between ERC's U.S.-based staff and those internationally located.

The first training was for the U.S. staff who work with the Russian team, to develop their intercultural skills and awareness regarding the influences at play in Russia's business and social cultures. The second training was for staff from ERC's new Colombian, Russian, and South African centers -- to develop their skills in understanding and interacting with their U.S. counterparts.

Given ERC's mission and organizational objectives, LCW customized the trainings to explore not only intercultural communication skills, but also issues related to how integrity, trust, and ethics are defined among ERC's cultural groups.