Global Rollout & Delivery

LCW is able to leverage its far-reaching network of global trainers, facilitators, and learning professionals to help with your most complex rollouts. For some clients, we have identified trainers on nearly every continent to deliver our clients proprietary courses on-site at company locations, while for other clients we helped design a project plan to ensure successful rollout of a program that required translation, localization, and ultimately facilitation by in-house trainers.

LCW is able to find an appropriate facilitator for the training who is both a native speaker and a content specialist, providing the audience with your training, from the mouth and mind of a trainer who understands both your organization’s goals and the audience’s expectations. We also work with clients to design and present an appropriate Train-the-Trainer (TTT), ensuring facilitators worldwide all have the same understanding of expectations and desired results.

LCW does not recommend the use of interpreters for trainings. The use of interpreters interrupts the flow of a good training, extends the time necessary to conduct the training, and leaves the audience “lost” whenever the trainer is speaking.