Hiring and Promoting Top Talent

“Hiring & Promoting Top Talent” explores the hidden bias within the talent acquisition process. It includes insights into concepts such as ‘cultural fit’ and how it impacts the organization’s ability to cast a ‘wider net’ or build and support the talent pipeline. In addition to promoting or hiring, learners also explore how mentoring, staffing teams, key assignments, and coaching across cultures drives the readiness of top talent for their next opportunity

Duration: 25-30 minutes

Target Audience: Hiring managers, line managers, team leaders, HRBPs, or anyone involved in the processing of hiring external talent or promoting internal talent.

Course ID: e206


Overall it made me think. I am one who typically would look for a good "fit". I hired many people who had the same interests as me and we accomplished a lot as a team but I now I look back wondering what we could have accomplished if we had people with different interests on that team. It's a well-designed module to make hiring managers think about differences and what those differences can offer the team.                                                         - Feedback from Hiring Manager