Managing Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

Session Overview:

The major work for many organizations today involves finding ways to break down cross-cultural barriers and unconscious bias in the talent management life cycle, if organizations are to deliver on goals for increasing and leveraging talent from diverse backgrounds. Yet, they often lack the skills and frames to understand talented candidates and employees on their own terms, to address bias in the talent life cycle, and to understand how best to develop talent to its fullest potential. This session is ideal for Chief Human Resource Officers, Diversity Councils, and others charged with transforming talent management (HR) processes to overcome bias and apply culturally-competent frameworks in order to recruit, engage, retain and develop a more inclusive workforce.


'Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias' eLearning  

Optional—IDI® assessments

Learning Objectives:

  • At the conclusion of this workshop, you as a participant will be able to
    1. Describe what unconscious biases are, and that you (like all of us) have them
    2. Practice making new associations, to retrain your brain
    3. Identify opportunities to build and deepen relationships as a strategy to mitigate bias
    4. Create an action plan to hold yourself accountable


LCW meets you where you are, whether that's in the middle of a thorough HR transformation process or just beginning to implement on your inclusion strategy. We will help you:

  • Explore how to embed cultural competence into human capital processes, in order to overcome bias—and achieve a more inclusive workplace.
  • Understand what it really takes to achieve the widest pool of top talent, and why many organizations fall short
  • Explore best practices for keeping top talent and benefiting from their ideas, innovation, leadership, and success
  • Benchmark with best practices for Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Talent Development, and Talent Review


Customizations:  LCW has tailored versions of this solution to focus on the priorities of different roles, for example. We focus on Recruitment & Selection, with our "Managing Bias in Talent Acquisition" version. And if you'd like your leaders to focus on Succession Planning and Talent Identification, we have a "Managing Bias in Talent Review" solution. Contact us for previews or to schedule a demo of each.

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