Intercultural Development Inventory® - Administration and Feedback

The LCW team brings deep and extensive experience using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) for guiding the development of cultural competence. Since 2004, LCW has administered the IDI® thousands of times and across dozens of organizations on multiple continents.  

Why use the IDI®?

The tool is unique in how it quantifies the subjective ‘experience’ of cultural differences and provides a snapshot of the developmental process involved in building intercultural competence over time. As a theory-based test, the IDI® meets the standard scientific criteria for a valid and reliable psychometric instrument. The IDI® is based on 30 years of research, developed using rigorous statistical protocols with many thousand respondents from a wide range of cultures across many countries, languages, and ethnic groups.

Today, the IDI® is also emerging as the premiere assessment among organizations serious about identifying blind spots and bias in their approaches to Diversity & Inclusion-at home and globally.

Underpinning the IDI® are two frameworks, the Intercultural Development Continuum, developed by Dr. Mitch Hammer, and The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS), developed by Dr. Milton Bennett. Their research explored why some people are more effective navigating cultures than other people. Their frameworks identify a set of “worldviews” that orient individuals toward more or less complex experiences of cultural difference. These worldviews include more Monocultural orientations, a more Tolerance or Transitional perspective (termed Minimization), and a more Intercultural orientation. The IDI® determines whether respondents have a worldview that is primarily Monocultural, Transitional, or Intercultural.

“Intercultural competence is the capacity to generate perceptions and adapt behavior to cultural context. As one’s experience of cultural difference becomes more complex, one’s intercultural competence is enhanced.”

As a development tool for Culturally-Competent Leaders and Inclusion Champions

LCW provides individual and group feedback using the IDI®, to provide individuals with a better understanding of their current level of intercultural competence. The experience helps them plan for their own development, set better goals, take necessary actions, make decisions with more insight, and more fully use their natural strengths in intercultural settings.

IDI® Development may be face-to-face or virtual and may be combined with a larger coaching plan that is one-time or recurring, and of different lengths depending on an individual's need. IDI® assessments, administered before and after a development program, are often used to measure an individual or team's progress toward goals for cultural competence. The instrument provides a valuable measurement for the individual and organization.

Our team of Certified Administrators and Coaches can proudly accommodate a full range of languages, locations, and cultures.

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