Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence (often known more simply as 'cultural competence') is the ability to understand and manage your own and others' cultural worldviews to be more successful. Why is this important? Taking into account  worldviews--which are the values, behaviors, beliefs, biases, perceptions, and tendencies held by you and by others--you can create better relationships, improve your own performance, build organizational excellence, and help build success for the individuals and teams you work with regularly.

Achieving intercultural competence is not always easy and is never a short-term endeavor -- but with each small step, come invaluable benefits that, for most people, make it well worth the effort.

For the nearly 15 years since our founding, developing intercultural competence has been at the very core of all of LCW’s offerings. The ability to work more effectively across differing value systems, attitudes, and behaviors is central to the success of any individual, team, or organization in today’s increasingly diverse world. Read more about our consulting solutions designed to build cultural competence for organizations.

Intercultural competence is a regular topic on our blog. For example, there you can find: