Facilitated Learning (2-8 hrs)

The following programs are ideal for clients who are looking for workshops that have proven successful across a variety of global organizations. These programs and workshops are delivered on-site (classroom style) or virtually, in our highly interactive virtual classroom using AdobeConnect.

To sustain and magnify the impact, we recommend blending faciliated programs with self-paced eLearning, videos and micro-learning tools to help support behavioral as well as systemic change.

Navigating Cultures™

LCW's keystone program provides a foundation for intercultural competence, appropriate for business professionals seeking to develop the core skills necessary for succeeding in culturally diverse settings. The program explores how culture affects business and workplace relationships and provides tools that allow participants to leverage the myriad of differences in the workplace. Special attention is given to understanding one’s own cultural programming first, followed by identifying the ways that cultural differences between oneself and others will impact communication, collaborations, team dynamics and business practices. Learn more

Navigating Cultures™: Managing a Global Workforce

Designed as a manager-specific version of our Navigating Cultures™ workshop, and is ideal for today's managers tasked with engaging and monitoring the performance of team members across borders, languages, cultures and distances. Learn more

Managing a Diverse Workforce in Manufacturing

This course provides a foundation for intercultural competence, appropriate for managers and supervisors in industrial and manufacturing settings. It is designed for those who seek to develop the core skills necessary for leading a team of culturally diverse employees whether in the office, on the line, in the plant, or virtually. The program explores how culture affects workplace relationships and provides tools that allow participants to build an inclusive culture that allows participants to recruit, retain, develop, engage, and leverage those differences for competitive advantage. Learn more

Building A Culture of Inclusion

Reflect on blind spots and their impact on building a culture of inclusion, address microinequities on your team and in your talent pipeline, and learn some inclusive leadership behaviors around retaining, engaging, advancing, and developing everyone. Learn more

Building your Intercultural Competence

In this course, learners will gain knowledge on how to differentiate between Archetypes and Stereotypes, see how Culture Drives Behavior and do a deep dive into target cultures. Learn more

Managing Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

This solution explores how to embed cultural competence into human capital processes in order to overcome bias. Learners will begin to understand what it really takes to achieve the widest pool of top talent, and why many organizations fall short. Ideal for Chief Human Resource Officers, Diversity Councils, and others charged with transforming talent management (HR) processes to overcome bias and apply culturally-competent frameworks in order to recruit, engage, retain and develop a more inclusive workforce. Learn more

Managing Bias in Talent Review

Facilitated session that explores how we can manage bias and challenge our assumptions in order to achieve a more inclusive outcome in both the talent review and succession planning process. The session identifies four areas of practice where bias can surface: high-potential evaluation and nomination, evaluation of successor candidates, leadership pipeline development, and assumptions of what a leader “should” look like/behave. In addition, it also includes insights on promotion and the talent pipeline, bias in access to key assignments, sponsors/advocates, influential networks, and professional development is examined. Finally, participants practice identifying and responding to various forms of bias that commonly occur during talent review process. Rules of engagement and practical tips are provided as a way for participants to practice what they’ve learned throughout the session. Learn more

Managing Bias in Recruiting

The sourcing process can be severely impacted by bias, both unconscious and intentional. This course is designed for recruiters and their HR partners, to explore how we can manage bias and challenge our assumptions about "cultural fit", in order to achieve a more inclusive outcome in both where we search and how we search. Learn more

Managing Bias in Hiring

The hiring process can be severely Impacted by bias, both implicit and explicit. This course will explore bias in interviewing, evaluating diverse talent, and challenging “cultural fit” assumptions. Learn more

Engaging ____ Employees

Understand a particular employee population on its own terms—values, priorities, motivations, data—with strategies for retaining and developing this critical part of your workforce. Learn more

Working with _____

Designed to be customized for a given culture, focusing on the working relationship. Learn how our own culture is viewed by the target culture. Explore relevant historical, political, economic, social institutions that have created the modern work environment in the target culture. Learn more

Engaging LGBT Employees

This workshop uses a culture-based approach to first understanding and then fully engaging one’s LGBT colleagues in the workplace. Key topics include: exploring the values shared by the LGBT culture as a whole; understanding how being LGBT can impact one’s professional life; ; exploring what constitutes inclusive behavior; and working through critical incidents and best practices for engaging LGBT employees as valuable contributors to any team, project, and organization. Learn more

Global Mentoring / Cross-Cultural Learning Partner Program

This solution pairs two different colleagues from different backgrounds together with monthly cross-cultural assignments for an experience in reciprocal mentoring. Learn more

Traveling to _____

Expert facilitator insights and strategic reflection on local market data and workforce trends—enabling ‘on-the-ground’ impact in country; The international experience: Social protocols for relationship building and FAQs; Analyze and interpret sources of conflict and synergy between own culture and target culture... Learn more

Developing a Global Mindset

Discern strategic impact and competitive opportunities related to globalization, explore cultures and global trends in serving new markets, and align business goals and objectives to sustainable strategies in diverse markets. Learn more

Living & Studying in the USA

LCW’s Living & Studying in the USA is a workshop specific to incoming international students who will be spending an academic year or full educational term at a university in the US. The focus is on enabling students to acclimate to the US academic environment and providing them with the resources and skills necessary to adjust socially and succeed academically. Learn more

Instructional Design for Multicultural Audiences™

LCW’s Instructional Design for Multicultural Audiences™ is a hands-on workshop that helps participants build better learning events for international audiences, keeping in mind core cultural concepts that apply to learning in differing cultural contexts. This program is ideal for instructional design teams from large multinational organizations. Learn more

Virtual Performance Management™

LCW’s Virtual Performance Management™ improves the skill-set of managers who lead virtual teams, remote employees, and non-collocated departments. Focusing on the differences between face-to-face and virtual management, participants build management skills that match today’s evolving business environments. Learn more

Global Ethics & Compliance Programs

LCW’s Leading a Culturally Competent Global Ethics Program introduces a paradigm shift from ethics and compliance programs driven by mono-cultural corporate policy to programs that acknowledge differing cultural contexts, allowing for communication and implementation strategies that resonate with locations worldwide. This program leverages the Cultural Detective® Global Business Ethics package. Learn more