Navigating Cultures: Managing a Diverse Workforce™

This solution is made up of learning & development modules for those working to lead, engage, and develop talent in a diverse organization, specifically in a manufacturing environment.  The modules provides the tools, practice, and framework for building an inclusive organization that is rooted in both global diversity best practices and intercultural competence. The solution is appropriate for leaders, managers and supervisors and modules have been deployed from India to the U.S., in industries from manufacturing to professional services, in delivery formats ranging from face-to-face to online in our virtual classroom. 


Available Inclusive Leadership: Managing A Diverse Workforce™ modules include...

  • Module 1: Introduction to Managing A Diverse Workforce (Download brochure/flyer to share with others.)
  • Module 2: Managing Collaboration & Innovation Across Diverse Teams
  • Module 3: Performance Management & Giving Feedback in a Diverse Environment
  • Module 4: Managing Unconscious Bias in Talent Acquisition
  • Module 5: Leading & Operating Globally

Organizations can choose which modules are most critical for their current stage of development, in order to explore how culture affects workplace relationships and acquire tools for recruiting, retaining, developing, engaging, and leveraging differences for competitive advantage.

Key topics include: unconscious bias, global diversity and inclusion, working with non-native English speakers, immigrant culture, defining and outlining basic concepts of culture, institutions that influence one’s own and others’ cultures, “dimensions” by which research and experience have shown that cultures tend to vary, case studies to suggest ways to suspend negative judgment of others, and strategies to navigate differences in cross-cultural situations.