Navigating Cultures™: Managing a Global Workforce

Session Overview:

Designed as a manager-specific version of our Navigating Cultures™ workshop and is ideal for today's managers tasked with engaging and monitoring the performance of team members across borders, languages, cultures and distances. Typically delivered as a one-day session, the agenda is set in consultation with the client depending upon priorities for your manager-participants.

Participants explore how and why cultural differences drive cross-perceptions of 'good performance' on a team, practice adapting behaviors to manage those differences to produce positive outcomes, and apply practical tools to improve communicating, collaborating, and performing in global settings. Participants will also commit to strategies and next steps, that benefit from an individual assessment of their own stage of intercultural competence (using the psychometric and statistically valid tool known as the Intercultural Development Inventory® or IDI®). 

Prework: To ensure that we are able to get the most out of the facilitated portion of the program, we recommend a blended solution that includes self-study using our "Culture and Identity" eLearning as well as administration to all participants of IDI® assessments and our Global Values Survey (as prework).

Session Topics:

  • Explore how culture often drives behavior on a global team, and do a deep dive into target cultures of strategic importance to participants
  • Review cultural archetypes manifested among participants using the group's Global Values Survey results (with questions added or removed to suit your organization)
  • Explore cross-perceptions of "good" performance in target cultures of strategic importance to the participant group, using LCW's Eye of the Beholder and D-I-N model frameworks
  • Apply tools for building bridges, such as 'translating' between direct and indirect communication on your global team
  • Debrief a "Conference Call" video case study that tackles the challenge of monitoring performance across timezones and cultures 
  • Debrief IDI® Group Profile and the impact of one's own cultural blind spots when managing a global workforce 
  • Preview Resources for Self-Study and tools from LCW's Virtual Toolkit (see below)
  • Do Personal Action Planning

Virtual Toolkit for those "Managing a Global Workforce"

As part of this solution, participants will have access to LCW tools that reinforce key concepts from the workshop in an on-the-job and on demand format. A sample of titles in the toolkit include: 

  • LCW's Virtual Relationship Builder
  • Giving Virtual Feedback with LCW's Describe-Interpret-Navigate Model
  • Tips for Promoting Strong Virtual Engagement (online survey and tip sheet)
  • Rules of Engagement (worksheet for teams to agree on norms and protocols guiding their virtual collaboration)
  • Tips for Using Most Common Virtual Tools
  • Ear of the Beholder (e-learning matching exercise)
  • Working Across Language Barriers article
  • E-Case Studies: Appplying the Describe-Interpret-Navigate model to virtual work
  • Checklist for Giving Feedback Virtually
  • Action steps to move from one IDI® stage to the next
  • Listening Past Accents (preview this tool here)