VIDEO: Managing Unconscious Bias in Hiring

Managing Unconscious Bias in Hiring is an on-demand video that explores the sometimes-problematic concept of Cultural Fit and then provides insight into the different biases that may impact different aspects of the hiring process, including during the interview and selection processes.  Highlighted biases include Shared Experience Bias, Chemistry over Qualifications Bias, Implicit Steroetyping Bias, and Groupthink Bias.

  • Explore the concept of "Cultural Fit"
  • Identify relevant biases that impact the hiring process
  • Identify strategies for mitigating the impact of those biases 

Format: This video is available in most standard video formats and resolutions.

Duration: 5 minutes

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin), Japanese, other languages on-demand

Target Audience: HRBPs, Recruiters, Managers, Interviewers, Selection Committees