Managing Bias: Recruiting—with Cultural Competence

Session Overview

The sourcing process can be severely impacted by bias, both unconscious and intentional. This course is designed for recruiters and their HR partners, to explore how we can manage bias and challenge our assumptions about "cultural fit", in order to achieve a more inclusive outcome in both where we search and how we recruit.

Session Description

During this highly interactive 90-minute session, participants will explore 6 strategies for “Undoing Unconscious Bias” in the recruiting process. Participants will leave with inspiration alongside action items regarding how to embed cultural competence into--and be more inclusive during--this critical stage of talent acquisition. 


Our most popular version of this course is delivered online in our highly interactive virtual classroom, allowing an intimate experience for participants coming from across the organization. Not like any webinar you have previously attended, our online format will have you fully engaged with both onscreen activities and facilitator-led discussions during the entire session.

This session can also be delivered face-to-face.

Optional Prework or Blended Learning Solutions

“Intro to Managing Unconscious Bias” e-learning; IDI® assessments

Topics Include

  • Impact of culture on bias
  • Case Studies/best practices for managing bias in sourcing & recruiting top talent
  • Tools for embedding cultural comeptence into recruitment, such as how to externally communicate a culture of inclusion, look for diverse talent where they are, make diverse slates the norm by working with HR to identify under-representation and gaps in the workforce, expand internal referral systems and expand your industry search footprint
  • "Cultural Fit", "like me" bias, and examples of how bias often works behind the scenes during the recruiting process
  • How and when to challenge “Cultural Fit” assumptions in your organization's job/role descriptions, e.g. if they are biased, outdated or non-inclusive of the kind of culture you are trying to achieve

Need to go BEYOND 'recruiting'?

Interested in managing bias in other stages of the Talent Management cycle? Ask us about our "Managing Bias: Hiring" or our new "Managing Bias: Performance Management and Promotions" solution, designed as a follow-up to this course. Then check out our solution: "HR, Bias, and Cultural Competence: From Recruiting to Retaining a Diverse Workforce."