Mini-Workshops (60-90 min)

Facilitated learning like that in our mini-workshops is ideal for discussing topics or sharing best practices for target audiences. Ask LCW help you choose the optimal mix to amplify the impact of your mini-workshop with the addition of eLearning (before or after) and microlearning through videos, mobile-ready job aids, and resource guides.

Culture-More than your Nationality

What cultures do you belong to? Just one? Many? Think you don't have a culture. In reality, we're all members of many different cultures. In this workshop, we'll explore both our own and others' cultures and subcultures, and how they impact behavior. Learn more

Values that Motivate LGBT Employees

Many LGBT employees have shared life experiences, which are the cornerstone of any culture or subculture. Learn about some key core values of the LGBT community, and what this means in the workplace. Learn more

Dos and Don'ts of Engaging LGBT Employees

How do the core values of the LGBT community have an impact on your strategies for employee engagement? Learn about ways that you can create inclusive engagement strategies, as well as benchmark with other organizations. Learn more

LGBT ERGs- A Frank Discussion

Many of the world's largest global corporations have set up Employee Resource Groups for selected cohorts in their organizations. This workshop will specifically focus on LGBT ERGs, their value, and best practices for setting up and managing the group. Learn more

How to Use Stay Interviews

LCW facilitators discuss the growing popularity of stay interviews as a tool to prevent losing high-potential talent. This workshop specifically focuses on high-potential women. Learn more

Building Your Own Business Case for Cultural Competence

There are many cases that can be made to demonstrate the value of cultural competence, but one of the most important may be the business case. In this workshop, participants will learn themes, frameworks, and key elements of the business case for cultural competence. Learn more

Building REAL Virtual Relationships

More and more work is being accomplished via virtual channels, but how can we build relationships and trust with our "virtual" co-workers? In this workshop, learn some ways to raise levels of engagement, build better relationships, and better retain your virtual employees. Learn more

Understanding and Engaging Millennials, Globally

How is Gen Y changing the face of the global workforce? Discover some tools and resources to help understand their values and behaviors, and explore ways to engage and develop Millennial employees. Learn more

Performance Management & Giving Feedback

This workshop will apply D&I and cultural competence principles to giving feedback and performance reviews. Intended for managers or others in a supervisory role. Learn more

Diversity and Global Assignments

Global assignments are often important for career advancement in many industries. However, the ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation of employees can have a large impact on where and when they live abroad. Participants will learn ways to address these D&I challenges before, during and after the assignment. Learn more

Contextualization: Beyond Translation

Learn about the differences between translation and contextualization, and when and where the three types of contextualization will add value to your content. Learn more

Working with Translations

Learn how to set yourself up for success when ordering translations. Your expert LCW facilitators will discuss ways to save money, make the process smoother, and better understand the translation process as a whole. Learn more

Being an LGBT Ally

How can those of us outside the LGBT community help to raise awareness, and help the cause of equality? Participants will learn about ways to be an LGBT ally, and why allies are so important. Learn more