Welcome New Diversity Summit Attendees!

Welcome New Diversity Summit Attendees!! LCW has some special offers just for you, including no-cost access to experience our eLearning and video learning solutions through April 30, 2019. These are a great way to build up your own skillset and stay on the cutting edge of best practice. 

Please note: Please do not share with others, unless they have registered for the Summit. Each user will be asked to enter email address to launch the module, as a way for us to track participation.

If you like what you see and would like demo access for a friend or colleague--please just contact us to find out how you can bring these to your organization through demo access, site licensing and/or pay-per-user options. And if you need tools in languages other than English, just reach out to us at info@LCWmail.com with details of your request.

Please enjoy the tools!


Culture & Identity  CLICK HERE

This course introduces the concepts of culture by acknowledging and moving beyond national culture to explore how the various subcultures surrounding us shape and impact our cultural identity. As the initial module in the “Creating an Inclusive Environment” eLearning series, this course emphasizes foundational concepts needed for cultural competence what culture is, the ways it manifests, and how competence is developed.

Duration: 20 minutes



Managing with Intercultural Competence –  CLICK HERE

Managers quickly learn the value of intercultural competence and the impact worldviews such as polarization or minimization can have in the workplace. The module introduces intercultural competence and the science behind unconscious bias, explains how bias is linked to developing intercultural competence, and discusses why these concepts matter in the workplace.

Duration: 15-20 minutes




Evaluating Talent Inclusively – CLICK HERE


This course provides managers powerful examples of how bias can impact talent evaluation. Activities highlight meaningful examples of how to challenge bias in ourselves and others, and ensure that talent is evaluated objectively rather than by relying on mental models or shortcuts. Learners are given the opportunity to recognize and interrupt bias when evaluating talent performance and potential, as well as when making promotion decisions based on that evaluation. 

 Duration: 25-30 minutes


Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias - CLICK HERE

“Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias” is an on-demand, interactive, practical course for understanding unconscious bias in the workplace including straightforward activities to challenge learners to examine their own thought patterns as they interact with other people and to build bias-busting skills. 

Duration: 25- 30 minutes


 Hiring & Promoting Top Talent - CLICK HERE

“Hiring & Promoting Top Talent” explores the hidden bias within the talent acquisition process including concepts such as ‘cultural fit’ and how it impacts the organization’s ability to build and support the talent pipeline. Learners explore how mentoring, staffing teams, key assignments, and coaching across cultures drives the readiness of top talent for their next opportunity. Learn More.

Duration: 25-30 minutes



Managing Bias in Performance Management  CLICK HERE

This 10-minute video “Managing Unconscious Bias in Performance Management” is optimized for viewing on your personal device such as a mobile phone. It is also packaged with some worksheets to create an inclusion "booster", all focused on tackling the different biases that may impact performance evaluations. 



How do you say "unconscious bias"... in French? 


LCW's Localization and Translation expertise makes it a leader in introducing complex issues of culture and unconscious bias with global audiences through learning solutions in the language of your global workforce. Click here for our article regarding our process and outcomes for global audiences.



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