Shona Ramchandani, Consultant

Shona Ramchandani

Shona Ramchandani is an accomplished and resourceful equity and inclusion educator with 15+ years of expertise in national and international justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) issues. She offers years of experience in leading organizational change, building infrastructure and implementing high quality programming across corporate, educational and nonprofit institutions. She also brings a host of international experiences to bear on her experiences: she grew up and completed a graduate research internship with UNICEF in India, lived in Kenya and Dubai and has studied in the UK and the U.S. She is also an avid traveler, having explored multiple geographies in every continent except Antarctica. She is a highly motivated, self-directed, organized and goal-oriented professional, skilled at effectively stewarding resources to meet goals.

Shona’s impressive array of professional career experiences over the last decade and a half have allowed her to do pioneering JEDI work in various fields, from the K-12 system to universities and even museums, in both corporate and non-profit settings. For example, she has experience in working with people with disabilities as a PCA; she was the Assistant Director for the Summer Institute program at one of the nation’s largest African-American theatres; she has founded initiatives to promote D&I (and student retention) across a national network of campuses for a corporate educational entity, and across the K-12 system for an MN school district; she has lead strategic change initiatives to promote a culture of inclusion across 26 historic sites at the largest historical society in the country, and she has helped to lead racial equity initiatives, including the creation of their Racial Equity Statement, for one of the top science museums in the Midwest.

At LCW, she effectively leverages these experiences to help clients to strategically and sustainably achieve their D&I goals through a fine-tuned combination of our digital assets, facilitated workshops and consulting initiatives. She ensures that clients feel empowered to impactfully resolve challenges, build empathy and engagement and to promote belonging in the workplace. She also has expertise in involving the voices of ERGs in designing and developing programs that bolster their inclusion goals for the organization. Shona uses her expertise in project management to ensure that clients needs are fully explored, to request and incorporate feedback in a timely fashion, and to build and manage programs that effectively meet and exceed their goals.

Shona has her Master’s in Liberal Studies (with a focus on social justice advocacy) and a double major in Psychology & Management from Hamline University, with a minor in Theater. When she is not travelling, Shona is active in her community, whether through mentoring local community leaders, serving on non-profit boards or engaging in the arts that are so prolific in her home state of Minnesota, and she has been a regular attendee/volunteer at the Forum for Workplace Inclusion since 2008! Shona recently became a U.S. citizen, and is excited to get more engaged with her local government as well. She lives in Saint Paul with her husband and is thrilled to align her passions, skills and vocation in this amazing opportunity with the team at LCW.