Shona Ramchandani, Consultant

As an LCW Consultant, Shona’s role allows her to work closely with business leaders to understand goals, customize solutions, and provide needed interventions in a variety of different industries. She brings with her strong organizational change management, strategic thinking, equity and inclusion skills that allow her to support change at any level and in any type of organization. She also brings a host of international experiences to bear on her experiences: she has lived in and explored India, Kenya, the UK and Dubai; she has traveled extensively, from Sweden to Australia and Sri Lanka to Canada.

Shona grew up in a small town in India, the daughter of westernized parents who straddled the line between their strong Indian heritage and the influences of their own travels as young exchange teachers in the UK. Thanks to their guidance, she applied for and received a scholarship to complete her A-Levels at Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom, and then received another scholarship to attend Hamline University in Minnesota, USA in September 2001. Having just gotten used to international travel, visas and passports, Shona was almost immediately introduced to an America that changed its attitudes toward immigration and internationals forever after on September 11, 2001.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Shona completed her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Management with a minor in Theater, all the while getting deeply engaged with social change movements while still a student. Shona had always been a voracious consumer of literature and media about other cultures, and being an international student of color in two different majority-white cultures gave her insights into other cultures she would not otherwise have been privy to. Driven by her desire to get engaged in the D & I field as a way in which to promote understanding and respect, she sought out opportunities for personal and professional development to continue to help her hone her knowledge, skills and abilities. These experiences culminated in her Master’s degree thesis around Social Justice Advocacy, based on her experience as a UNICEF graduate research student in rural Rajasthan, which also resulted in a publication by UNICEF.

Shona is active in her community, whether through throwing “friendraisers” for causes she is passionate about, serving on non-profit boards or engaging in the arts that are so prolific in her home state of Minnesota, and she has been a regular attendee/volunteer at the Forum for Workplace Inclusion since 2008! Shona recently became a U.S. citizen, and is excited to get more involved in her local government as well. She lives in Saint Paul with her husband and is thrilled to align her passions, skills and vocation in this amazing opportunity with the team at LCW.