The Business Case for Intercultural Training


Most organizations that have approached LCW and asked for a workshop or series of learning events have had very specific reasons for doing so. In most cases, making the business case for such training is directly tied to ensuring the ongoing success of the organization, whether measured in increased profit for a corporate client, greater impact for a not-for-profit, or improved working environments for any client.


Organizational training and development initiatives are important factors in the success of any organization. Measuring the value of such initiatives, however, is often a difficult process -- this is especially true with intercultural services, when the skills and knowledge may be seen as subjective and hard to quantify.

At LCW, we measure our impact with two things in mind: immediate (post-program) results for the participant, and longer term effectiveness that results in improved performance for both the participant and the larger organization. Our objectives tie directly to developing leaders who can apply what they learn to building relationships, communicating during group processes, and solving problems among diverse teams.

  • Personal Impact:
    Was the participant's training experience valuable and enjoyable, while providing an opportunity to apply the new information?
  • Professional Impact:
    Did the participant perceive a transfer of skills and/or knowledge?
  • Local Impact:
    Is the participant able to better function in his/her position?
    Do co-workers and host country counterparts perceive a change or an improvement?
  • Global Impact:
    Do others elsewhere in the global organization perceive a change or an improvement in the participant's actions, attitudes, or interactions?
  • Organizational Impact:
    Does the organization benefit from the improved performance at a personal, departmental, and global level?

At LCW, we are confident that the impact will be significant on both a personal and professional level for those who participate in our programs and services. Whether you are concerned with complex ROI or simply employee satisfaction, our programs bring results.


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