LCW’s Translation+ services include a broad range of services for organizations seeking to get their message understood in a multilingual world.

Our TRANSLATION SERVICES encompass a variety of translation options, all revolving around the need to get your written message from one language to another.

Our MULTILINGUAL DESKTOP PUBLISHING services enable you to create a foreign-language version of your amazing looking newsletter, poster, or other creative document.

Our CULTURAL AUDITING SERVICES help organizations create and amend content to make sure that it is well recieved by global, or local audiences. 

LCW can also help manage large AUDIO/VIDEO/MULTIMEDIA PROJECTS that require subtitles, voice talent, video talent, and designers to create a truly multilingual and multicultural end-product.

For translations that will be transferred to an online or web-based environment, our ONLINE QUALITY ASSURANCE services confirm that no errors were introduced during the process.

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