Multilingual DTP, Interpretation, and other Translation-Related Services


LCW offers desktop publishing services for most types of documents, including InDesign, Quark, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as documents which do not already exist electronically. These services are available, in additional to standard translation rates.

Our DTP gurus, as we like to call them, specialize in laying out foreign languages and thus make the process easier and more expedient for everyone involved. If your in-house design teams aren't comfortable working in RTL (right-to-left) languages or in Unicode/multibyte character sets (such as Chinese), please ask your project manager for more information on our DTP services.


LCW offers interpreter services for various face-to-face situations (e.g., GMP/PMDA Inspections) that require consecutive or simultaneous interpretations. Contact us to find out if our interpreter resources are a good fit for your situation and need.


LCW has partnered with numerous studios to offer our clients the ability to record audio with native-speaker talent for video and multimedia projects. These audio/video professionals, together with your LCW project manager, ensure that you receive the highest quality multilingual audio recordings.


If you already have a translation completed for one language, but need the document edited for a specific dialect (such as from Spain Spanish to Spanish for Argentina, from France French to French for Canada, etc.), LCW is able to provide dialect editing services that take your document and make the necessary modifications. This is usually less expensive than having the document re-translated, although there are times when a translation from scratch may be easier and less expensive. LCW can help you make the appropriate decision to fit your turnaround and budget.


Many of our clients already have a large body of translated documentation which exists throughout their organization, often translated by local staff whose job description may or may not actually include translation responsibilities. If you find that your documents need to be updated, edited, and/or reviewed, our language professionals are here to help.


It is not uncommon for web designers, software engineers, on-line editors, and e-learning designers to be working with translated text with which they are wholly unfamiliar, increasing the chance that errors can be inadvertently introduced when a translation is transferred to the online environment.

After the translations have been uploaded to your online format such as an e-learning or website, our translators are available to review the final materials to ensure that no errors were introduced during the final layout and uploading process. Online QA’s verify, among other things, that no un-translated text remains, that line-breaks are correct, and that the translation fits in the context of the page on which it is displayed.

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