Translation Services

LCW offers a full line of translation services for our clients. We can easily assemble the translation team which specializes in exactly what you need -- whether legal, financial, technical, or more general. This is all possible because we are able to leverage a large network of highly-qualified independent and in-house translators. SDL Trados Studio 2009 Certified

As with all of our services, in addition to competitive rates, you receive the personalized attention of an LCW project manager who relieves you of the stress of dealing with multiple languages, multiple translators, and multiple formats... while always keeping you informed of the progress of the project. In addition, LCW proudly offers a 2-hour no-cost workshop to any translation client that would like to identify ways to minimize the cost and turnaround of translation projects.

General Translation

Our translation teams are assembled from experienced native-speaker translation professionals who, in addition to having the expertise required for your documents, have proven their reliability and professionalism. Modern linguists have embraced the benefits of the internet and virtual communication and can be found all over the globe. We bring them together to provide you with a high-quality translation that you can rely on to make you and your department look good in the eyes of your audience... and the eyes of management.

When possible, we leverage the best-practice tools of the translation industry, including translation memories (TMs) and glossaries/term-bases (both of which reduce the cost of translations and ensure greater consistency). In addition, we welcome any style guides which your organization may have, as well as any resource documents (previously translated materials) that may help the translation team better understand the "local language" of your organization.

We also welcome the involvement of your local in-house reviewers to ensure that all translations are appropriate for your specific locations. No one, except those who live and breathe in those locations, knows the exact jargon (job titles, department names, etc.) that is used on a daily basis. To facilitate their involvement and make sure that they add value to the translation process, we provide your internal reviewers with guidelines on how to best serve in their role.

Gist Translation

We know that not every translation job is intended for distribution to others. In cases where you merely need to understand the content of a document (e.g., a written suggestion/complaint, a newsletter from an international location, etc.), LCW offers gist translations. These are less expensive than normal translations because they do not usually require a proofreader. In addition, they can often times be delivered much faster than a document which requires a translator to refine each phrase and spend time self-editing.

If complete understanding is not needed, you may even decide to use some of the automated and free machine-translation tools available on the Internet (also commonly known as gist translations). We do not recommend, however, that you rely on these tools for anything other than informational purposes or very simple phrases, as the accuracy of the output cannot be verified. Language is a human element... and only a human can confirm that the words you are reading in your language are the words that were written by the author in his or her language.

Specialized Translation

Whether legal, scientific, financial, or otherwise, we identify a translator with the expertise necessary to handle the translation appropriately.

At LCW, we pride ourselves on providing personalized professional services that make you think of us as less of an external agency, and more of an internal colleague and friend.

  • We act as a link between our clients and those many skilled language professionals around the globe. 
  • We are a single point of contact for translation needs in many languages and many specialties.
  • We provide project management and deal with the e-mails, questions, difficulties and doubts related to the process.  
  • We use internal systems, translation memories, and up-to-date translation tools to maintain consistency and reliability in client publications.  
  • We provide a single clear invoice for projects that involve multiple vendors, currencies, and wire transfer SWIFT codes.  
  • We provide a friendly face, voice, and e-mail address to what can, at times, be a daunting challenge. 

In general, we attempt to make the realm of translations as easy and simple for our clients as possible, while providing professional, prompt, and knowledgeable service at all times.