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Each month LCW hosts online no-cost mini-workshops that...

Online Workshops? ...not Webinars?

Sessions take place in our online classroom, a virtual environment that includes unique features which enable the same type of interaction that one would experience in a face-to-face workshop environment, including: individual activities, group work, audio/visual exercises, group discussions, etc.  

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  • Building Your Own Business Case for Intercultural Competence
  • Culture: More than our Nationality
  • Managing Unconscious Bias: Bigger, Bolder Ideas in Talent Acquisition
  • Should We All Lean-in? When Women in Leadership is Neither Inclusive Nor Culturally Competent and What to Do About It
  • Virtual Performance Management™
  • Engaging LGBT Employees™ (with LGBT Cultural Competence)


  • Developing Global Acumen
  • Globalizing Employee Resource Groups: Trends, Challenges, Benchmarks, and Best Practices 
  • How Women's Resource Groups Around the World are Driving Business Outcomes
  • Diversity & Global Assignments 
  • Leading a Culturally Competent Global Ethics & Compliance Program
  • Working with China 
  • Leadership in Russia
  • Working With Translations 
  • Beyond Translation: Contextualization (auditing/adapting training/messaging so that it feels as if it was designed in-country)

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