Virtual Performance Management™

Virtual Performance Management™ is a full-day workshop that is organized around themes identified in extensive research regarding virtual management and remote workers, set against the backdrop of four major challenges in managing virtual reporting relationships.

Key topics include: relationship building over virtual channels, making best use of technology to foster virtual collaboration and teamwork, managing performance and building trust, and career and development planning with virtual reporting employees. The workshop is delivered in an interactive virtual classroom environment where instructors and participants mirror the virtual relationships found with direct reports.

  • Virtual Relationship Builder
  • Giving Virtual Feedback with LCW's Describe-Interpret-Navigate Model
  • Tips for Promoting Strong Virtual Engagement (online survey and tip sheet)
  • Rules of Engagement (worksheet for teams to agree on norms and protocols guiding their virtual collaboration)
  • Tips for Using Most Common Virtual Tools
  • Ear of the Beholder (e-learning matching exercise)
  • Working Across Language Barriers article
  • E-Case Studies: Appplying the Describe-Interpret-Navigate model to virtual work
  • Checklist for Giving Feedback Virtually

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