Working with Translations

Minimizing Cost, Turnaround, and Headaches!

LCW offers all of its translation clients a no-cost 2-hour workshop which helps them better understand how to effectively manage their translation projects, in a way that is eye-opening yet extremely practical.


Ideal Audience:

Any person who requests translations, reviews translations, accepts translations, or manages translations in any other way.


Key objectives include:

1) Understanding the complexities of translation, the translation industry, and language-related services.

2) Examining LCW's translation process and where and how the client can contribute to making the process smoother and less expensive in the long-run.

3) Identifying and leveraging the best internal reviewers.

4) Identifying client-specific best-practices for managing translation projects -- from beginning to end.


There are also on-line virtual version available. Please contact your translation project manager to discuss the Working with Translations workshop, on-site or on-line.